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By Justin Nadir on September 4th, 2013

The Vessantara Jataka Scroll at the Asian Civilisations Museum
L. Lefferts, S. Cate and W. Tossa


This richly illustrated, full-colour volume offers an innovative study of the long, painted scrolls of Northeast Thailand and Laos that depict the Prince Vessantara Buddhist birth story. A 31-metre scroll in the Asian Civilisations Museum provides the focus for this popular narrative. The scroll is reproduced in its entirety, with comparative illustrations from other scrolls giving contrastive details. The authors analyse these scrolls in the context of the Bun Phra Wet – the Thai-Lao and Lao ceremony in which they are used - and consider the complex interplay of text, art, ritual, and belief which occur in these performances.


Foreword, Lee Chor Lin
Introductory note, Steven Collins
Sopha Pangchat’s scroll at the Asian Civilisations Museum
Scrolls, festivals, performances
Artists tell the story
The writing on the scroll – Thai-Lao transcription, Thai and English
Notes on the artist and the scroll in Singapore

Leedom Lefferts, Sandra Cate, with Wajuppa Tossa. Singapore: Asian Civilisations Museum, 2012.
13 Digit IBSN: ISBN:  9789810724788. Pages 163, Hard Cover, Fully illustrated in colour

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