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By Chris Lundry on March 16th, 2017

Theravada Studies Group Newsletter                                       Issue 5, Spring 2017

Dear Members of Theravada Studies Group,

The Theravada Studies Group (TSG) will hold its annual meeting at the AAS in Toronto on Saturday, March 18, 1- 2:30 pm in the Churchill Room. Please be sure to plan to attend and extend an invitation to your colleagues interested in this field. Below is the meeting’s agenda.

  1. Keynote Lecture:        Reflections on Buddhist/Muslim Conflicts in Myanmar

John Holt

William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of the Humanities in Religion and Asian Studies Bowdoin College

  1. Business Meeting:

followed by a general discussion

    • Panel suggestions for AAS 2018 on comparative Theravada Studies
    • Wanted: Contributions, blogs, discussions and editors for website, Theravadaciv.org
    • Suggestions for the TSG speaker and meeting agenda 2018
    • Proposal for a one-day conference in conjunction with the AAS in 2018

As always, we invite your contributions to our website. We want to hear about what you are doing! As part of our efforts to support a network on scholarship about Theravada traditions and practices, we want to feature TSG members and their projects on our website. Please send us information about your new publications (books, essays and articles) as well as brief statements (100-150 words) about research projects, publications or current projects related to the study of Theravada Buddhism. Please log onto your account and update your profile if you have not already done so. On your profile page, you can list your research interests and publications and add a photo.

As a member of the Theravada Studies Group you have access to the Theravada Civilizations website. Please visit our updated website at Theravadaciv.org. It features interactive venues like discussion forums and ways to upload your papers on emerging research topics. The site also provides resources, a search function, a growing bibliography and information about new opportunities, including conferences, workshops or fellowships. The TSG now has nearly 200 members!

I look forward to seeing you in Toronto.

Juliane Schober

Director, Center for Asian Research

Arizona State University