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By Chris Lundry on January 9th, 2019

Call for Applications:

Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Professor in Buddhist Studies

Full time position

The Center for Asian and African Studies (CEAA) of El Colegio de México invites interested
persons who meet the requirements specified in this document to apply for the position
of full time Program Researcher in Buddhist Studies.This position is possible thanks to
funding from the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation.

CEAA seeks someone capable of teaching courses and conducting original research on
some of the following topics: the origins and development of Buddhism in South Asia;
transmission networks of Buddhism in Asia; philosophical schools, hagiographic traditions,
literary cultures of Buddhism in Asia; Buddhism in dialogue with other religious traditions
in Asia; teaching and translation of classical languages of Buddhism. Candidates are
expected to possess knowledge and specialization in Buddhist studies in the context of
Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and/or East Asia.

1.A doctorate degree with a specialty in Buddhist studies, or some other specialty from
the social sciences and humanities, with demonstrated emphasis in related subjects
2. Teaching experience
3. At least one important publication in a prestigious journal which demonstrates the
candidate's expertise in languages and topics relevant to the study of Buddhism, as well as
the skills to translate and perform critical research in various topics of Buddhism
4. Proficiency in at least two of the following Asian languages linked to Buddhism:
Sanskrit, Pāli, Hybrid Buddhist Sanskrit, Gāndhāri, Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese, among
5. In the case of a non-Spanish speaker, being able to master the language or be willing to
learn it in a maximum period of three years. Until doing so, the successful candidate may
teach courses in English
6. Full availability to perform teaching, research and thesis management tasks; to
participate in collegial undertakings and to assume academic-administrative functions

The main responsibilities of the person who is hired will be divided into four main areas:

teaching; direction/advising of thesis and research projects of CEAA/Colmex students;
research; and institutional participation. The succesful candidate will cover a maximum of
two courses per semester in subjects such as history of Buddhism, Buddhist literature,
Buddhist thought and classical languages of Buddhism. In addition, he or she will cover
more general topics that are of interest for the academic programs of CEAA. Finally, the
successful candidate must be available to participate and organize activities of the Center.

The position of the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Professor in Buddhist Studies, with
the title Program Researcher, will be jointly funded by the Foundation and Colmex for four
years. At the end of this period, it will become a full-time, tenure-track Professor-
Researcher position (equivalent to Assistant Professor). At all stages of this process,
annual assessments of the performance of the person hired will be conducted.

The following documents must be sent to the Management of the Center for Asian and
African Studies (CEAA) electronically ([email protected]) before Saturday, March
30, 2019:
1. Complete Curriculum Vitae, with documentation of your identity and your grades (other
vouchers may be requested later)
2. A teaching and research plan for a period of four years (maximum 10 pages)
3. Letter of application
4. Two letters of recommendation from academics that include the evaluation of the work
of the candidate and the importance of it within the field of studies
5. Publications, preferably in PDF format
Applications and documents will be accepted until March 30, 2019.
The Center for Asian and African Studies (CEAA) may extend the term of the call if it
considers it necessary.

An ad hoc Selection Committee will be created, which will evaluate each of the applicants'
files and which will form a shortlist from which the final candidate will be selected. All
participants will be informed of the process. If the Committee considers it appropriate, it
will invite finalists to an interview and/or to give a public lecture.
To those candidates selected to form the shortlist, additional documents may be
requested that the Committee considers necessary.
The final decision will be unappealable.

For more information, write to [email protected] or phone (+5255) 5449-3025