Buddhist rebirth in different planes of existence

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Posted: 09 Mar 2016 05:15 AM PST

Kamma is a Pali word and it covers all kinds of intentional actions, whether mental (mano kamma), verbal (vaci kamma) or physical (kaya kamma). The Buddhist doctrine “Paticcasamuppada” is demonstrative of the process of kamma. Read More »

28 Buddhas

A brief excerpt from 28 Buddhas a 19 June, 2015 entry on the British Library website

In Theravada Buddhism, 'Buddha' refers to one who has become enlightened through their own efforts and insight. A Buddha is someone who has realized the enlightenment that ends the cycle of birth and death and which brings liberation from suffering. Read More »

The Buddhist Schools of the Small Vehicle, Author: Bareau, Andre; Editor: Skilton, Andrew; Translator: Boin-Webb, Sara


André Bareau (1921–1993) was one of the foremost scholars of Buddhism of his generation. Dissatisfied with piecemeal and contradictory information on early Buddhist schools, he set out to construct a coherent and authoritative overview, which has remained the standard treatment in the field since its appearance in 1955. Read More »

Digitally Replicating the Lost Phralak-Phralam Murals at Vat Oub Mong, Vientiane (Laos) by Alan Potkin

Digitally Replicating the Lost Phralak-Phralam Murals at Vat Oub Mong, Vientiane (Laos)

*Alan Potkin

In 1938, Thit Panh, a junior monk with untrained but obvious artistic talent, was assigned by the Abbot to decorate all four walls of the then-relatively-new vihaan (i.e., main image hall) at Vat Oub Mong, a Theravada Buddhist monastery in the Lao capital Vientiane, with illustrations of the Phralak-Phralam (the “Lao Ramayana”) which —amazingly— he and his assistants, seven boy novices, apparently completed in well under one month. Read More »

Illuminating the Life of the Buddha

I am pleased to announce the publication of a book showcasing an illustrated samut khoi from 18th century Siam that is currently held in the Bodleian Library, Oxford:

Illuminating the Life of the Buddha: An Illustrated Chanting Book from Eighteenth Century Siam Naomi Appleton, Sarah Shaw and Toshiya Unebe Bodleian Library Publishing, 2013. Read More »

The Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts

Justin McDaniel (University of Pennsylvania) has recently won a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation to help fund the The Digital Library of Northern Thai Manuscripts project led by Harald Hundius, David Wharton, and Bounleut Thammachak. Working with the staff at the National Library of Laos and Chiang Mai University, this project will provide scholars with free internet access to about 7,000 primary sources from this historically important region.  Read More »

The Theravada Buddhist Civilizations Project

The Theravada Civilizations Project Future Directions in the Study of Buddhism in Southeast Asia Read More »

Once the Buddha Was a Girl

Once the Buddha Was a Girl. Girl Children and Young Women as Buddhist Agents in Burma and Nepal

In 2012 this University-­‐of-­‐Toronto-­‐based project was granted a CAD 182,000 budget by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for a period of four years (2012-­‐2016). Read More »

Enlightened Ways: The Many Streams of Buddhist Art in Thailand

Scans from Enlightened Ways. Additional Scans can be found on Buddhist Art News.


Read More »

The Library at the EFEO Centre, Chiang Mai

The library, opened by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn in July 2011, is open to the general public. The collection - some 45,000 monographs and 40,000 issues of periodicals in Thai as well as western languages - constitutes a major resource for research in Buddhism and the history, anthropology, and art of Southeast Asia. Read More »

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