The Buddhist Schools of the Small Vehicle, Author: Bareau, Andre; Editor: Skilton, Andrew; Translator: Boin-Webb, Sara


André Bareau (1921–1993) was one of the foremost scholars of Buddhism of his generation. Dissatisfied with piecemeal and contradictory information on early Buddhist schools, he set out to construct a coherent and authoritative overview, which has remained the standard treatment in the field since its appearance in 1955. Read More »

Digitally Replicating the Lost Phralak-Phralam Murals at Vat Oub Mong, Vientiane (Laos) by Alan Potkin

Digitally Replicating the Lost Phralak-Phralam Murals at Vat Oub Mong, Vientiane (Laos)

*Alan Potkin

In 1938, Thit Panh, a junior monk with untrained but obvious artistic talent, was assigned by the Abbot to decorate all four walls of the then-relatively-new vihaan (i.e., main image hall) at Vat Oub Mong, a Theravada Buddhist monastery in the Lao capital Vientiane, with illustrations of the Phralak-Phralam (the “Lao Ramayana”) which —amazingly— he and his assistants, seven boy novices, apparently completed in well under one month. Read More »